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    4-Channel 4M 3520DV300 program
    Release time:2017-09-07    Source:未知    Writer:admin

    4-channel 1080P 3520DV300 program
    4-Channel 4M  3520DV300 program
    1. Motherboard
    Master chip Memory FLASH HDD
    3520DV300 2G 8M 2

    2. Product mode
    Channel Mode
    (Analog channel+Digital channel)
    No Channel number*Resolution/Frame rate Channel number*Resolution/Frame rate
    4channels 1 4 * 4M/25 1 * 4M/25

    3.Technical parameters
    System Compressed format H.264
    Operating System embedded Linux
    VGA output Yes
    Loop output No
    HDMI output Yes
    Audio Audio Input 0RCA
    Audio output 0RCA
    Two-way intercom Yes
    Video Real-time video frequency 16
    Video mode Timing, manual, dynamic detection, external alarm
    Playback Maximum Playback 4
    Search ways Time point retrieval, calendar retrieval, event retrieval, channel retrieval
    Backup USB mobile hard disk,
     U disk
    USB DVD CD Writer Yes
    Format DAV、AVI
    Remote view Browser Supports multiple web browsers
    CMS CMS3.0
    APP iPhone, Android
    Alarm Alarm input 4 alarm input
    Alarm output 1 alarm Output
    Store HDD number 2
    E-SATA No
    PTZ Interface 1*RS485
    Control method Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Preset, Cruise, Trace
    Network Network Interface 10 / 100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45)
    Network protocol TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS, NTP, SMTP
    Others Remote Yes
    Power Supply DC12V /4A
    Work Temperature -10°C ~60°C
    Work Humidity 10% ~ 90% Humidity

    • Through Clud service, easily realize net penetration, only one step to achieve remote viewing.
    • Support mobile phone view.(iPone; Andoid)
    • Support many kinds of Web browsers(IE/Chrome/Firefox/Safari)
    • Support VGA、TV、and HDMI output at the same time.
    • Powerful network service(DHCP、PPPOE、FTP、DNS、DDNS、NTP、UPNP、Email etc. ) Perfect supporting(WEB、Client 、SDK), easily achieve interconnection.
    • Support twenty more kinds of languages.
    • Freely Change boot logo and choose interface style.