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    24CH 32CH

    32-channel 1080N non-real-time series 3531A program
    Release time:2017-09-07    Source:未知    Writer:admin

    32channel 1080N non-real-time series 3531A program
    32-channel 1080N non-real-time series 3531A program
    32-channel 1080N non-real-time series 3531A program
    1. Motherboard
    Master chip Memory FLASH AD chip HDD
    3531A 8G 16M 2823 8

    2. Product mode
    Channel Mode
    (Analog channel+Digital channel)
    No Channel number*Resolution/Frame rate Channel number*Resolution/Frame rate
    32CH 1 32 * 1080N/15 + 0 8 * 1080N/15
    2 24 * 1080N/25 + 8 * 1080P/25 8 * 1080P/25
    3 16 * 1080N/25 + 16 * 1080P/25 8 * 1080P/25
    4 8 * 1080N/25 + 24 * 1080P/25 8 * 1080P/25
    5 0 + 32 * 1080P/25 8 * 1080P/25
    Note:The capture function is supported.

    3.Technical parameters
    System Compressed format H.264
    Operating System embedded Linux
    Video Maximum Input 32
    VGA output Yes
    BNC output Yes
    Loop output No
    HDMI output Yes
    Audio Audio in 16
    Audio out 1
    Two-way intercom Yes
    Record Real-time video frequency 16ch is not real time
    Record mode Timing, manual, dynamic detection, external alarm
    Playback Maximum Playback 8
    Search ways Time point retrieval, calendar retrieval, event retrieval, channel retrieval
    Backup USB mobile hard disk,
     U disk
    USB DVD burner Yes
    Format DAV、AVI
    Remote view Browser Supports multiple web browsers
    CMS CMS3.0
    APP iPhone, Android
    Alarm Alarm In 16
    Alarm Out 4
    Store HDD number 8
    E-SATA No
    PTZ Interface 1*RS485
    Control ways Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Preset, Cruise, Trace
    Network Network Interface 10 / 100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45)
    Protocol TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS, NTP, SMTP
    Others Remote Yes
    Power Supply DC12V /4A
    Work Temperature -10°C ~60°C
    Work Humidity 10% ~ 90% Humidity

    • TVI/ AHD/ DVR/ NVR/ CVI five-in-one, many kinds of mode to switch, support full HD analog, HD analog plus digit HD, full digit HD.
    • Through Cloud service, easily realize net penetration, only one step to achieve remote viewing.
    • Support mobile phone view.(iPhone Android)。
    • Support many kinds of Web browsers.(IE/Chrome/Firefox/Safari)。
    • Support VGA、TV、and HDMI output at the same time.
    • Powerful network service(DHCP、PPPOE、FTP、DNS、DDNS、NTP、UPNP、Email etc. ) Perfect supporting(WEB、Client 、SDK), easily achieve interconnection.
    • Support twenty more kinds of languages.
    • Freely Change boot logo and choose interface style.